Upcoming events and conferences

I’ve been late to write about conferences coming up.  But, there’s a bunch on the horizon!

First up is DynamicsCon live in Denver.

I’m delivering TWO sessions.  My goal for this event was to support new speakers.  So, both of my sessions I am co-presenting with women who are newer on the event circuit.


Tuesday the 14th, Meron and I are talking CRM.  Specifically, A Beginner's Guide to Dynamics 365 CE/ CRM Sales. We’ve got a great chat about using CRM and a detailed demo from Meron.

Wednesday the 15th is Rachel and I with our Unlocking CRM potential with Power Platform Magic session.  This session gives some foundational knowledge about both CRM and Power Platform and then we stitch together the common elements to help you do well on either or both of these technologies.

Also, this is one of those events where both Dave and I are presenting.  On Tuesday the 14th he’s delivering Architecting business applications in an AI world.  Typical to Dave, it’s a technical talk, but he makes it very approachable for anyone interested in the topic.

After DynamicsCon, we’re doing a few days of vacation on our way to Slovenia for Dynamics Minds

And both of us are presenting again.  First up, my sessions.

One of my favorite sessions to deliver is Going from Citizen Developer to Professional App Maker.  This is the session for anyone who has dabbled in app making or automation and you’re ready to take the leap to do it full time, but you’re not sure where to start.  There may be photos of me as a 5-year old in the slides.  This session is on Wednesday the 29th.

My other session is Tips and tricks for user productivity in Dynamics CRM/Sales.  This session is a bit of demo and a bit of slides.  This session is on Monday the 27th.

Dynamics Minds is where Dave is much busier than I.  First up is his workshop on Low-code plugins.  Then he’s doing a (refreshed after Build announcements) version of his Architecting business applications in an AI world talk, and finally he’s part of a panel about Power Platform Security.

I’ve also got workshops and sessions pending at several events later in the year.  Keep an eye out here for more.

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