Certification renewals from Microsoft Learn

Recently we’ve had the option to incrementally update some of our certifications.  A certification has a shelf-life.  And it should.  The product, the training content, the exam questions, are all updated quite often.  However, the incremental differences are not worthy of a full re-do of a certification every year.  We now have the chance to take an assessment of the net new and extend a certification.

With the renewals, you have a few chances to pass.  My strategy, take the assessment to see what gaps I may have to fill to be more current.  Just like with the exams themselves, there is no better study guide than the test itself.  If I started the assessment and knew right away it was not going to end in my favor, then I slow down and re-read every question, every one of the answer options.  Make sure I know what is expected of me for the next time.  The renewals are free, and you get more than one chance to pass.

A million years ago, I did a blog post about my failing a certification exam.  You can find my post from 2011 here.  So much of it is still relevant today.  It even looks like Microsoft may have taken some of my advice and split the old-school applications exam into separate ones based on products/modules.

You should set realistic expectations of yourself.  No one has to know your score, unless you tell them.  Certifications are binary; you are certified, or you are not certified.

When you pass the exam by one question, you get the same certification as the person with a perfect score, no gold stars for anyone- Julie Yack, 2011


I did my renewal yesterday and am just as certified as anyone else. 


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Hi Julie,
I don't like the renewals. Frankly once certified, professional development credits should be awarded from following certified professional development courses. This idea of recertifying the type of knowledge covered in recertification exams should not be a binary equation. In other words. Someone who becomes certified and then spends two years practicing is not subject to being uncertified. They should simply be taking professional development courses to progress their knowledge and through those maintaining their certification.
I have too many certifications to go through recertification for each one. So instead they are expiring and I am OK with that. Certifications are meaningless if professionals like us don't buy into their legitimacy and the recertification process is not sustainable.

Julie Yack

That's all fair Jeff. Make it scalable and make it equitable.

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