Denver Dev Day Call for Speakers ends Sunday

Here’s the call for speakers below.  I would personally love to see new speakers sign up.

Denver Dev Day is back! Lucky you, speaker call has been extended. We have new opportunities for you to contribute. Let’s start with the three type of presentations available to a speaker who wants to speak at Denver Dev Day:
Regular session (60 minutes)

This typical teaching session is an hour. It gives speakers the opportunity to introduce and go deep in a topic. From level 100 to 300, technical and soft-skill sessions are welcome.

Lightning talk (10 minutes)

A lightning talk is short and focused. In 10 short minutes, speakers get the chance to introduce a topic or show off a quick solution. No fluff, and a great starting place for new speakers.

Roundtable (45 minutes)

The Roundtable is new at Denver Dev Day. Subject matter experts host an in-depth technical discussion and open question-and-answer session in an open door forum.

Where do you sign up?

Right here: Speaker Sign Up

When is Denver Dev Day?

Friday, June 24th. This is our sixth Denver Dev Day, and the past two have been on Friday. We have had a resounding success targeting a weekday. As a result, we’re sticking to our Friday event plan.

What type of topics?

Denver Dev Day is a developer-focused event without a specific theme (like web) or technology (like Microsoft). This means, if it’s interesting to developers, we want your topic submitted.

When is speaker call closed?

Sunday, May 7.

Submit your session at Speaker Sign Up by the end of this month. The Denver Dev Day leadership team will tease through submissions, making selections the second week of May.

Who do I contact or will be my point of contact?

Do you have questions? Do you need information? Everything you need to know for a successful session will be sent to you after selection. Need answers now? Julie Yack ([email protected])

Must I be a professional speaker?

The only requirement to present a session is that you know the content of the talk. If you are a regular speaker or this will be your first session, you’re welcome at Denver Dev Day.

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