Events to encourage more girls to STEM

This past week we had a class of 24 students. Two of them were women. We had two instructors, one woman, one man.

This was a level 300 course for technologists.

I was glad that the two female students were just as out-spoken as their male counterparts.

In my experience, that ratio is about right for the students in the classes I teach.

What do we need to do to encourage more women into these jobs? 

What do we need to do to keep women in these jobs?

It starts with helping girls find a comfortable place to explore the sciences.  And not just computer science.  We are losing women all the time and we should be finding ways to encourage each other.

Here are a few girl-focused events to look.  Mentor.  Attend.  Take part. 

Engineers week is in February, with Girls day on February 25.  What do you plan to do to make a difference?

Big thanks to Molly Bukowski from Teza Technologies for contacting me and bringing this back into focus for me and giving me the kick in the pants I needed to get back to writing.

Engineers Week_Girl Day


I was recently contacted by Molly Bukowski from Teza Technologies about this problem.  They are trying to do something about it.

The Colorado GOP says my vote is irrelevant

The Colorado GOP will decide your vote this season.  No seriously they will.  You don't get a say.

"Colorado’s delegates to the 2016 RNC will be unbound"

Now that doesn't sound bad does it?  But it is. 

It means that the Colorado Republicans do not respect the views and desires and votes of its Colorado citizens. 

It means don't you worry your pretty little head about voting sweetie, we got this, now go make me a sammich.

It means that each delegate chooses the candidate they personally prefer, with no regard to the will of the people.

Used to be that in order to have a say in the Colorado primary/caucus process you needed to register as GOP.  That's why I was registered as such for many years. 

I switched that today.

GOP press release here.

I will continue to vote based my own thoughts and not based on party.  But I demand my voice be heard.  We all should.