How to get the most from the fall conferences for CRM- CRMUG Summit
How to get the most out of the fall conferences for CRM- Convergence Barcelona!

How to get the most out of the fall conferences for CRM- eXtreme CRM in San Diego

Edited to add:  The good folks at the conference have extended a discount to our membership. Use the codes below for special pricing and thank to the good people at eXtreme.

Standard Conference Discount Code  - Earlybirdsandiego
Executive Exchange Discount Code - Earlybirdexecexch

Hurry and register, the discounts expire September 14!

The xRMVirtual session on Tuesday September 1 had to be cancelled last minute because of technical and audio difficulties. So here is some information from  Chief Executive Officer of eXtreme, LLC, Christy Spokely and Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of eXtreme LLC, John Verdon, on how to get the most out of eXtreme CRM 2015 in San Diego from Nov 17-19th. You can check out more by clicking here

When you come to eXtremeCRM 2015 San Diego you will gain new business connections and new insight on the upcoming release. You will spend a week connecting with peers, Microsoft leaders, industry experts and gain new business connections along with a lot of information.  You will find value whether you are sales, marketing, consulting, technical sales or development. Our training is designed to fit every role.

eXtremeCRM is one-of-a-kind opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in everything CRM.  The conference is your chance to increase your knowledge, refine your thinking, and connect with your colleagues and with others from Microsoft. Whether you are preparing for the upcoming release or have questions, being part of eXtremeCRm will help with that. So come be a part of our conference in sunny San Diego at eXtremeCRM!


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