Denver Dev Day October 23 call for speakers


The previous Denver Dev Day (D3) was the third D3 and it was awesome. With more than a 75% attendance record of 150+ attendees, we blew the windows out with awesome speakers and our first all-day conference. The word is out and D3 is the premier fully community-led developer conference in Colorado. Twice a year, D3 brings some of the best local and national speakers to the stage to lead developers into the high-tech and fast-moving future of software development.


It’s time for the next Denver Dev Day! On October 23, 2015 we will hold the fourth D3 with better tracks, speakers and content than ever. This is a big deal and it’s free to attendees. That’s right, one of the best conferences is open and free to developers on any platform and at any skill level. Come learn something new, hone what you know, or network with great developers from all around our community. D3 is a great experience, super-charged with community volunteers just like you.


Been working on some cool tech lately? Maybe it’s time to take your learning and share it. If you’re a regular speaker or just considering your first presentation, Denver Dev Day is the right place for you. Our session topics are open; that means you can submit any topic where you feel strong and have a passion to share and teach. We also have lightning talks where you can present more pinpointed presentations in a much shorter time. We’re flexible because we want to get you in front of your peers to share the wealth – making others better ultimately makes you better, too.


When you’re picking your topic, start with what you know well. Everyone knows that the teacher learns far more than the student, so pick a topic you love – your passion will come out on stage as you start to present. After you’ve picked your topic, pick your timeframe. Most talks are 45 minutes, but only you can decide what is best: Lightning talk? Extra-long talk? Finally submit your presentation idea online at Feel free to submit more than one topic, too. If one topic doesn’t get selected (maybe because it was already submitted elsewhere), maybe your other one(s) will.

Submit at:


As always, we don’t pay our speakers or have the funds to pay for travel or expenses. That being said, starting last Denver Dev Day we have begun to provide a “thank you” gift to each speaker based on the number of sessions you present. This will barely cover your dinner, so don’t get too excited. But we want to do what we can – even if our resources are limited – to extend our gratitude for your willingness to prepare and bring your best for our local, developer community. D3 is for and by our community; this event, with your help, has helped establish Colorado as a homerun location for developers.


Denver Dev Day is free. The only working funds we have are those from our sponsors and gifts from our volunteers and attendees. This makes sponsors very important to us. If your company or a company you know would be a good fit at Denver Dev Day, please make an introduction. We have several levels of sponsorship to find the perfect fit for any company wanting to gain visibility from D3 or contribute to our local, developer community at large. If your company or a company you know would be a good fit, please move quickly so we can make a connection with them.

Sponsor info:


We are not yet selling tickets for Denver Dev Day. Our last D3 opened ticket sales 2 weeks before the event and we sold out in the first week. No question about it, this is going to happen again. We don’t have a venue that can scale past 150 attendees at this point, so we will continue to constrain ticket sales for the next D3 in October. I say that to say this, watch for more information – tickets will go on sale (remember, they are free) sometime in October and it is 100% first-come-first-serve. We want ever developer in Colorado to come to D3, but we can only fit 150 in the building. Should you know of another, larger venue, we are always open to vetting venues for our next event.


These types of events are products of people with passion. We have many volunteers in leadership planning our next event already. We have many volunteers on the ground during our event. And we have many volunteers speaking or managing speakers for the event. Things don’t just happen on their own. Real people do real work and we are grateful for the small army of hard working volunteers who sacrifice and contribute to make our local developer community better and events like this successful.


Questions about speaking?
Questions about volunteering?
Questions about sponsorships?

Web site:
Email: [email protected]

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