Wait. What? I can’t add deleted items to a CRM view?
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Almost good CRM. ALMOST

Several years ago at our neighborhood caucus, I was selected as an alternate for our state convention.  Since then I cannot tell you how much email I get from any and every candidate or wannabe.  I must be on some master list that keeps getting sold and redistributed, because I have unsubscribed from many but there’s always more.

Ok, enough of the whining. 

I got another email from another campaign.  This one was by far the best attempted use of CRM (of some variety, no idea what flavor they actually use). 

CRM really isn’t that hard.  Why does it seem that campaigns are so awful at it?

Here’s the screenshot of the email I received (full text at the end of this message):



Do you see the attempt at good CRM?  First name used several times, even in the “email” from the candidate that was “forwarded”.  The candidate even used “my” zip code in his “forwarded email” about ME!?

Only problem…I’m not Donald, and that zip code is in Terre Haute, Indiana, and here I am living in Colorado.



(full text follows)


The governor emailed me early this morning specifically asking for your help before the end of the month.
Governor Walker is traveling all across the country and hearing the same message everywhere from conservatives like you: the American people are fed up with Washington and are ready for a true conservative to take on the establishment the same way he did in Wisconsin.
We need your help to keep sharing our message of fighting and winning against the left-wing special interests.
Please contribute $25, $75, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 right away so I can respond to the governor letting him know you have his back. (edited to remove embedded link here, you can figure out how to give this guy money if you so desire)
Thank you Donald,
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Governor Walker
Date: Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 6:09 AM
Subject: deadline
To: Colleen Coyle
Colleen, I’ve been reviewing grassroots leaders in the 47805 zip code and I don’t have Donald's contact info. Will you please send them a message asking for an urgent contribution before the end of the month? We really need them on our team.
Let me know as soon as you hear from Donald.



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