Wait. What? I can’t add deleted items to a CRM view?

While teaching a course last week, several students got the following error.



CRM is getting better and better at descriptive error messages.  But the items the students were adding were not deleted and were absolutely searchable.  So this error message, while fairly descriptive, was not applicable.

The first clue came when they were building the view, looks like GUIDs instead of column names that we’d expect.


We do see a warning as we are building, but the tooltip text simply tells us the same thing as the eventual error message.

Still not many clues to go on.

Students had already successfully used package deployer to set-up their training environments.

Students had already done some customizations, including adding existing entities to a new solution and adding several fields, calculated fields, to that entity and to the form.  This was editing an existing view.

On a random hunch, I had them look at the security role of their user.

What user?

There were no users in their org.

They had an Office 365 subscription.  Added a CRM trial to their subscription.  But never assigned the default/admin user a CRM license. 

Add license.  Problem solved.

logo contest for @xrmvirtual

Are you just waiting for your claim to fame?  Ready for the riches that follow?  Well, we have what you’ve been waiting for!  Our CRM developer user group, xrmvirtual, needs a new logo.  Ours is tired.

You can win a $100 gift card to Amazon.com or $100 donation to the charity of your choosing? Email your designs, sketches or entries ideas for a new logo to [email protected]  by August 15, 2015. At September’s meeting we will announce the winner of the contest. 

We can’t wait to see everyone’s idea!! Don’t wait… Deadline is August 15th, 2015!!!

See, that’s a tired logo: