How to get a Business Class seat on Lufthansa

We are on our journey back to the US and are routed on Lufthansa from Oslo-Frankfurt-San Francisco.  We had upgraded on our cancelled flight on United and that carried over to today’s route.  We board our Oslo-Frankfurt flight and are seated one row behind the magic curtain.  Double-check…yup, our reservation says this is business class.  But it’s not.  Now mind you, business class on many of these little European hops is simply the front of the plane with all middle seats left empty.  That was the case here.  But again, we were BEHIND the magic curtain.

Dave goes to the flight attendant and asks about it…here’s what I see/hear (in super thick German-English)…

Oh, I’m sorry.  They forgot to tell us the proper configuration of the plane.  I will fix this for you.

He then comes over and unlatches and moves the magic curtain to one row behind us.

As he is straightening it up and making it look all perfect, he must lean over the coach side of the curtain and then back to the business class side.  When he gets back to the business class side of the curtain he just moved, he smiles very big and says “now I must use my business class face”.

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