The women that inspire me

As Women’s History month comes to a close, I decided to share a bit about some of the women in my life that inspire me. This list is by no means complete. Some have provided professional inspiration, all of them personal inspiration. Each has a totally different story. Each of these women are remarkable.

Each of these women influence who I am.

Tina Graham- We didn’t have much growing up, but somehow after many many bumps in the road we each found our way to personal and professional success. I watched as she worked hard to continue her education and that meant that I could too! She was my cool older sister. And she still is.

Linda Dust- My Aunt Linda didn’t take a traditional path. She was eager for professional success at a time when women were expected to be at home. She had a long-term inter-racial relationship at a point in our US history when people were harassed and even killed for such things. She’s never had children of her own, but lavished her love and knowledge on her lucky nieces and nephews.

Michele Bustamante- She is smart. She is witty. She is respected by her peers. She is who she is with no apologies.

MaryBeth Spurlock- Some 15 years ago we were both single moms trying to make things work. We were there for each other, buying milk when pay day was too far away. She is living her dream with her dream kids, her dream job, her dream husband. Fairytales can come true.

Gloria Steinem- Who among us has not been inspired by her? It is always a gamble to meet our heroes, but I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with her a few years ago. She was as amazing of a woman in person as she was on paper.

Jacqueline Rickman- How strange it feels to call my little girl a woman, but she is one. She has inspired me for almost 20 years now. Her view of the world is refreshing and her desire to help others is remarkable.

Elaine Torbit- My 8th grade art teacher. She was the first person to SHOW me art, help me appreciate the passion that can go into making something beautiful. It is because of her that I wanted to travel the world to see these beautiful things. Growing up without much money made me think it would never be possible, but as soon as it was possible I went back in my head to those things she showed us so I could seek them out. I now also look for the beauty in my every day.

Anne Stanton- Succeeding in a world dominated by men. Being who she is and being good at it. Making it though tough personal times to come out ahead and better and happy for it on the other side. What’s not to inspire?

Sheila Delorenzo- She really doesn’t know how smart she is, such a great businesswoman. Her kind heart gets in the way of her seeing that, but to succeed at her passion for so long when so many small businesses fail is a remarkable accomplishment. She loves easily and completely. Add on top of that raising some pretty awesome children and she really is an inspiration to many, myself included.

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