A tale of good CRM

Software is easy, people are hard.  I’ve said it many many times.  Managing your customers take more than software, but software sure can make it easier.  Good software.  Good CRM that makes the customer confident but doesn’t go into the creepy stage.

I have no idea what software Safelite auto glass uses, and this is probably a better story because of that.  I could totally build their CRM in my head in Dynamics CRM, but again, I don’t know (or really care) what software they use.

So, I have a chip in my windshield.  Not sure how or when it happened, other than not long ago, this window is only a few weeks old (that’s Colorado for you).  I call my insurance to make sure that I’m covered for chip repair and setup an appointment.  This was a bit of a miserable call, the agent was obviously new and sticking to their script, and apparently I have little patience on Monday mornings.  But, this was my insurance company, not Safelite.  The good part of this is that they could directly schedule my appointment for the repair (yea, integration!).

Shortly after the call, I get an email confirmation.  Simple, to the point and a little stylized (yea, email marketing add-on!).

This morning I get the following email.  Click on the image, open it up, look at it.

2-19-2014 8-37-01 AM

Let’s review this email.  We’ll start at the image of the technician at the top and go clockwise.

Often these people would be coming to your home, for me it’s my office.  But either way, YEA for giving me a picture of who to expect.  Build trust.  Maybe I’m a young mom home alone with a couple of small kids, super cool to help ease that adult version of stranger danger. 

Around to the column on the right.  Continue that trust building thing.  Tell me about how you check your techs for criminal records, drug screening and driving records.  Now you continue to tell me how skilled they are, not just trustworthy.  Again, lots of points here. 

For me the middle, the body of the email, is meh, mostly irrelevant. 

Now that left column is full of winning.

Confirm customer contact info.

Confirm location details for service.

Confirm car that you are servicing.

Could it get better?

Well, yes, because it doesn’t stop there.

About an hour after the email, Joseph the technician calls me to narrow down the expected time for him to be here.  The email gives a four hour window, on the phone that was cut in half.

Joseph carries a mobile device that shows appointment details.  Comes in, confirms with me and gets the keys to my car.

After fixing the chip in the window, he comes back inside, tells me he’s all done.  Is there anything else?

Before he’s even out of the building, I get the email with the survey link (my response is this blog post).

Good CRM.

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