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September 24, 2013



You've gotta love the intricasies of spa days in foreign countries. My last day in Turkey I decided, like you, to pop to the spa in my hotel for a massage. It was genuinely the weirdest spa experience of my life. The woman mounted me, yes, mounted me. Not just once though, TWICE! On one occassion, while straddling my back, she pushed down and lifted her body off the massage table while balancing on my back! And yes, what is that karate chopping thing supposed to do? I want to be massaged not hit.

I'm with you on nudity. I'm OK with it, but I am a little cautious sometimes because you never know what the culural norms are in other places do you? So when this woman flipped me over and started massaging my breasts I was a little alarmed, but I went with it as I had no frame of reference for a Turkish spa.

All-in-all though, I think I might give it a miss next time.

Jen Young

One of my favorite blog posts of yours to date!! hee hee <3


This is hillllllarious!


Wow that certainly is CRAZY! I'm a licensed massage therapist and I have plenty of crazy stories about weirdos myself! Hahaha! I think when I'm in a foreign country I would ask about their massages before I got one ... jus saying ❤🤣


What type of service were you expecting for paying $26? You got what you paid for

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