How to do conference follow-up and do it well, kudos to @crm_integration

Starting off with admitting that I am not always nice to folks soliciting for my business (literally a few minutes ago I had to ask some repeat solicitors to leave my office).  It’s in part because of the utter incompetence of most solicitors and in part my impatience with such things.  Cold calling and cold emailing just don’t sit well with me, if you want my business spend a minute or two of your time so I don’t feel like one in a crowd of many.  Not that hard, I’m pretty easy to find and learn about online.

And it’s for that reason that I am writing this blog post right now.  Like many of you, I recently attended Convergence.  I had my badge scanned many times.  I got lots of emails.  A got a few phone calls.  One email got my attention.

It came from Trevor Poapst at Riva.  They have a product that does email sync with Dynamics CRM.  I don’t currently have a need for such a thing, but Trevor (or someone that gave the info to Trevor?) took the time to learn a little about my company before he emailed me, even referenced a deal we have that’s government and as such is public record.  I responded with a polite no thank you, but hey great email.  He replied back super duper kind and not pushy.  If I ever need such a tool, I will go look at theirs first.

Take a minute to learn a little bit more about the folks you are interacting with, don’t make them feel like they are just a quick sale.

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