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New book is out.. but not what you think #netcookbook

It’s a cookbook, who knew?  Ok, so anyone that knows me knows I love to cook and hate recipes.  But I was asked to contribute to the second edition of .NET Gurus Can Cook! Of course I had to contribute, who wouldn’t want to share a byline with The Gu or Mary Jo or any of the other rock stars that also contributed?

So what did I submit…Brady Bunch Dinner (pork chops and apple sauce).  The “recipe” begins and ends with wine.  And it’s actually pretty yummy.  Go get the book, I’m on page 52.  And there are many other yummies here too.


But now some important info about this book.  First, of the three books I took part of this year, this was by far the most fun and the easiest for me, personally.  By looking at the book we know someone worked very hard at it, it just wasn’t me this time.  It is from a component vendor, Component One (aka GrapeCity).  They are great supporters of professional user groups, as am I (so now you understand why we work on things together).  This book is published on their dime and available for downloads for the asking.  They also send printed books to user groups as fundraisers, again Component One pays for this.  This group coincidentally sells reusable software components.

PS.  First person that accurately names the acronyms in my bio will get a free print booked shipped to them from lovely Colorado.


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