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I am now a #SkyDriveInsider

So what does that mean?  I don’t really know yet.  The program just started, I just signed up.

What DO I know?

I have been using SkyDrive for a while.  I’ve recommended it as a great solution to our high school several times over the last several years.  I think “cloud” is the way to go, though we’ve all been cloud for a longtime, but since no one told us it was a cloud, we never realized it (hello Atari GameLine in 1983).

I have recently moved my primary dev machine to Windows8, built-in SkyDrive. SkyDrive on my Surface.  SkyDrive on my Windows 8 phone.  Still getting around to putting it on my other two computers, a Windows 7 laptop and desktop.  I will get there.

I know I have much to learn  and that is part of my motivation of signing up for the Insider program.  It looks to be a group of techies and not--so-techies, we’re volunteers, not employees.  Watch for blog posts here about it as I learn more for myself and from others.

Goal 1:  Get SkyDrive on all of my machines and set-up local sync of stuff that I would need offline access to.


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