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Please go change your CRM prefix

Full disclaimer, this is a pet peeve of mine.  Not sure I can make a technical argument of why it matters.  It is cleaner and prettier, feels let cluttered and so on.  I even think it is a simple best practice for your small business internal CRM.  But, when I jump in to a new CRM org it drives me nuts when the publisher is still defaulting and the org prefix is “new_”. 

To change this is so easy, no real reason not to change it.  I typically will just change it to some sort of abbreviated name of the client, or test or something.

In Dynamics CRM navigate to Settings->Customization->Publishers.  Find the one that says “new” in the prefix column.  Open and change.


11-29-2012 11-06-21 AM


11-29-2012 11-06-35 AM

End of pet peeve.