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Rule #1 of CRM- don’t rebuild it if it’s already there

Anyone that’s worked with me on a project knows this is one of my biggest pet peeves.  AND one made by many many many of my beloved developers.  The best way around this tragedy?  Learn what CRM can and should be doing.

How can you do that?

Join xRMVirtual tomorrow for our session with Dynamics CRM legend Larry Lentz. 

More details can be found here, as well as the link for the live meeting (or recording if you’re late to the ball).

And yes, we are a developer user group, but since this is a non-technical session, send us your devs, your BAs, your testers and your PMs too.  We’ll take them all.

(you know I will have a different Rule #1 of CRM tomorrow, but this is today’s rule #1)


David Kohar

Julie, great advice to live up to...thanks for hosting this session. I think people will get lots of value from it if they understand better what the solution does and can do!


Link is wrong- spelling of 'empowering' incorrect

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