Big boobs fiasco?

Seriously?  Some dumbass uses something in code labeled with 0xB16B00B5 and people are up in arms?  Have a sense of humor people. The story is linked below.  But in the interest of adding humor to an otherwise potentially dull life of a developer, I submit to you my new error messages.

B16B00B5- Big Boobs error. Use this when you have stupid user errors.  For example, when users click “next” 8 times and they get an error.

B16B00BB1e5- Big Boobies error.  A more severe form of Big Boobs.  Developers could throw this exception when a form fails validation on fields that display sample field data.  Such as date entries that show format on the form DD/MM/YYYY and user enters something else.

00p$- Oops error.  Something broke, I know what it is, but I’m a developer and can’t figure out how to write it in end user friendly words.  Where’s a BA when you need one?

+igh+@$$- Tightass error.  Throw this error when you have to cut scope on a project because you run out of money.

j@ck@$$- Jackass error.  You know when one dev wants to do it THIS way.  And the other insists they do it THAT way.  Yea, that.

get@c1u3- GetAClue error. When the developer could have spent 5 minutes searching the interwebs and makes a stupid mistake.

B1ueB@11$- BlueBalls error.  When you spend ALL FRIKKIN DAY solving a problem that should have been done fast.

Id10t- Idiot, aka I-D-10-T error.  Oldie but goodie.  Pure and simple user error.


Big Boobs?

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May I suggest to include a frequently timed 'a Known error occured' message when sameError > MAX_SAME_ERRORS_ALLOWED

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