Fire updates for friends and family #waldocanyonfire

Definitely worse in a bad way.

I’m still in Seattle (good and bad, right?), son is here too working.

Dave, Jack, 2 dogs and 2 cats are leaving, heading south to Albuquerque.  Loading the car now.  They have not been put on notice, but since they can leave, they are, before the official call comes and all chaos ensues.  Pets have a reservation for boarding for two weeks and Dave and Jack are flying here to Seattle on Friday.  At some point we have to get back to Albuquerque to get our pets and our car.  I am NOT moving to Albuquerque, even if our house burns to the ground.

Evacuation zone is less than a mile from our home.  Our son just got his reverse 911 call to get ready to leave.  No other real words to say other than it’s some pretty scary shit going on.  Nothing we can do but stay out of the way and run like hell the other way.

Many friends have been evacuated and several have likely lost homes, over 100 gone so far.  Fire tripled in size in 24 hours, over 15k acres now.  This afternoon/evening is expected to be near apocalyptic, winds and lightning expected, wind has been hurricane force.

Our cabin was just evacuated, but WE ARE NOT THERE or close.  They just announced that neighborhood on the news for mandatory evacuation.

Best sources of news so far have been general twitter traffic with #waldocanyonfire hash, I follow #csgazette, they have a pretty good feed and rollup of updates.  The live feed on is great, especially since I am so far away.

I am trying to keep emotions at bay, they won’t serve me well just yet.

Can’t show whole fire area and evac stuff on a single image anymore, but here’s where we are now.  Blue is evac zones, red is fire as of a couple hours ago.  Arrow on top is our house.  Arrow on bottom is our son’s apartment.



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