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International Women’s Day?

So happy international women’s day?  I personally struggle with things like this.  I know it must be because I live in a world (in my head) where I am treated like I feel I should be treated, gender aside.  But I do also know that I am so much more fortunate than so many other women in the world.  Maybe I’m arrogant, maybe I’m stupid, but I know that my being a woman is an advantage, not a disadvantage.  And I live my life and raise my kids and treat those around me accordingly.  Is that wrong?

One of the good things about days like today is that it will bring awareness to women around us that are not treated well, simply because they are women.  And that for some reason in their current situation they cannot overcome the challenges they face.  Maybe they’ve only known physical intimidation and have no real path to get out of that situation.  Maybe they were raised to feel weak and have not found a way to grow their own self-worth.  Maybe they live in a country where they can’t even drive their own kids to the emergency room without fear of getting arrested.  Maybe they live in a place where their daughters will be sold into the sex trade so the other children can have food once a day.

Maybe you (and me) can do just one thing to help make the world a more fair place for each gender.  What I have done recently…I facilitated transportation of a couple of hundred bras to be donated to girls forced into the sex trade in Mozambique.  These girls can earn more money by selling these bras (a luxury item where they live) than they do in the sex trade and can get out of that awful cycle of mistreatment.  It didn’t cost me a dime to do this.  (learn more about this particular cause here)

If you are not in a position to act just now, then you can certainly educate yourself, find a challenge that you can take on, you can influence change for others.  How can you influence legislation in your area?  Can you teach the next generation about an important global issue?  Find out just what can you do to help?  Then do it.


Jim Glass

International Women's Day should be both a celebration and a call to arms. We celebrate the contributions women have made to human kind. And we send a message to the world that the abuse of women will not be tolerated. We are truly becoming a global community with all the advantages and rights therein.

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