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My Colorado Caucus experience 2012

I love the idea of caucusing.  It brings decision-making down to an individual level, it helps you feel that your one vote is important.  There is so much more to a caucus than simply choosing the party’s candidate.  There are casual rules of order, motion for this, second that, all in favor say…  You elect your neighbors to represent you are the various levels of party-based voting.


Our precinct was new, like just about all of them in Colorado.  Ours is the combination of two former smaller groups.  I was both surprised and not surprised to see so few people I knew there.  This is supposed to be my neighbors, and there were maybe half a dozen people I knew there.  Our precinct has 1710 registered Republican voters, but only 97 were at the caucus.  That is frankly unacceptable.  Of those there about 25% of us were interested in moving forward representing the group at the various conventions and such, county, state, Congressional, national and so on.  That doesn’t surprise me.  If you are aware enough to be part of the less than 10% that showed up, you are aware enough to be involved.

I think our group failed in one aspect, giving folks a chance to talk about their favorite candidate and try to influence other voters.  That’s part of the heart of a caucus.  This part made us look and feel naive and quite honestly makes the “votes” that came out of our precinct less valid (in my opinion, no idea the official call).  When you read the results below, you will know how I voted.  I had truly hoped for someone to be passionate and sway my vote.  I was totally ripe for it.  It didn’t happen.

The final outcome from our group:

Romney      41
Santorum   41
Gingrich     10
Paul            3
Bachman     1
Perry           0
Huntsman    0
And 1 write-in for none of the above.

The official results for the county:


I am an alternate for the conventions (I think all of them here in Colorado, voting went late and I’m not sure I got all the results).  I am happy (and proud) to go, but do find it odd that only 1 person asked me my view on anything before voting for me to represent them.  Interested in how many are out there googling/binging/yahooing me right now.


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