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November 02, 2011


Sarah Dutkiewicz

Thanks for posting this. I've had my fair share of unhappy experiences, but in the end, I figure that it's part for the course no matter the industry, and if we let the unhappy experiences shatter our dreams of working and playing in technology, then those were shallow dreams to have in the first place.


Great post - i think there may be a much simpler explanation an all this: by just blocking roads with silly arguments, nearly one half of the competitors are away from the market (do not underestimate the forces which are set free by a common enemy...).
This also applies to groups with green hair, toyota drivers or people from the magic wonderland etc...
And nobody thinks of all the chances which are cut out by this attitude.

Rachel Appel


Whoa! I didn't know someone slipped something in your drink at TechEd 09. The outcome was a fortunate one considering it could have been very different.

I'll be posting on just that in a few weeks- the business goldmine that is diversity, and how you can tap into it by building a diverse organization. You're right, it's amazing to think of how much opportunity is wasted by that attitue.

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