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It’s official, new CRM and Silverlight book is OUT!

Both Dave and I have worked for the “BIG” publishers and while there’s nothing wrong with that, one day we decided that we could do this publishing thing ourselves (ok, he did and kinda dragged me kicking and screaming).  Well, once again, my hubby proved to be smarter than I and this was a great idea.  Our 4th book together has been released, the full on marketing push started yesterday and today the global press releases went out.  There’s a link below where Yahoo! Finance picked it up.

The new book, Silverlight + CRM is a great resource for CRM developers that need to get up to speed on Silverlight and how to make it work well with Dynamics CRM 2011.  This is a need I have seen over and over again.  This comes up with clients, friends, user groups.  We hope to fill a gap and get other professionals up to speed and making some great software.  This book covers where others have not yet.  Go to Amazon and search for Silverlight CRM and the results are few!book cover

We’ve got code samples/library and you’ve got direct access to the author/editor/publisher like you wouldn’t have from one of the big guys.

The book retails for $69.99 print and $29.99 for electronic.  Head over and use these discount codes directly on our site.

Code Product Price
JulieBlog ebook $19.99
JulieBlogPrint print $34.99
JulieBlogBoth both $54.98

And yes, we are fast at work on the revised CRM as a Rapid Development Platform book with CRM 2011 content.  It’s CLOSE.

Using Silverlight with Your Dynamics CRM 2011 from Industry Guru David Yack - Yahoo! Finance


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