Extreme CRM 2011 Conference
It’s official, new CRM and Silverlight book is OUT!

How to Become an Expert Consultant

This session is one I’ve been building in my head for years and am so glad I have an opportunity to present it to CRMUG on October 11.

So first, this makes the assumption that you give some credibility to my “expert consultant” status.  So, once past that, it’s great.  Smile

I will be sharing what I think are key details to being a successful (independent-ish) tech consultant and what to look for when hiring one.

Some things I’ll cover:

  • Affordable training
  • Build your brand
  • Secure your second string
  • and more

Join me?

CRMUG - Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Group - CRMUG: How to Become an Expert Consultant


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