Re-Introducing @xRMVirtual

So what is @xRMVirtual anyway?

xRMVirtual is a developer user group run by a couple of Dynamics CRM MVPs, Julie Yack and Shan McArthur. I know, that sounds great, but what does it MEAN?

Our user group exists simply to spread the word and the knowledge on using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a viable developer choice when making software solutions. xRMVirtual has been at this for a few years now. We meet virtually at least monthly and have speakers present on topics such as ribbon customization, plugins, best practices and more. You’ll see a few slides and a lot of hands in code demos. We are a group of professionals that share a passion for increasing our knowledge and emerging technology.

Our membership is growing (still almost daily) and we have over 1,600 members spread across every continent except Antarctica. I guess the penguins haven’t yet figured out relational data. Because of our global and virtual presence all of our meetings are recorded and posted online for at least a year. We usually have more views of our recordings than attendees at our live presentations.

Work your way around our website,, and you’ll find CRM news, meeting and recording links and even product forums to speak with others in our community and share news and questions. You can also locate the other traditional CRM/xRM user groups around the world. Our website is powered and managed by Dynamics CRM Online, so as the saying goes, we eat our own dog food.

Membership is free, just sign up on the site. You’ll get meeting notices and newsletters, that’s about it. We respect your inbox and want to make sure everything we send to you has value to you.

Follow us on Twitter, @xrmvirtual.

Re-Introducing @xRMVirtual

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