Extreme CRM 2011 Conference

This one is new for me.  This is not the first time for this particular event, just my first time.  I know enough of the folks behind the scenes and enough of the speakers that if THEY will put their reputation on this conference, then I will roll the dice (Vegas pun intentional) too and give it a try.

What I know…

  • the event is for CRM partners
  • some rock stars are going to be there
  • it’s in Vegas!
  • biz and tech roles will find content of value
  • October 2-5

I am currently slotted to discuss (wait for it…) xRM!  More specifically, xRM: are you missing opportunities you don’t know are there?  We’re still chatting about other possibilities too, but that’s as it stands today.

Like most conferences, they’ve got some great marketing folks on their side, and have come up with some official-sounding blurbs.  Yes, I am copying/pasting some here.  Why?  Because it’s smart to let people do what they are good at doing and I’m not in marketing, but they are!

Got any questions about the event, ask me, I’ll find the answers for you.  Going?  Let me know!

Extreme CRM 2011



(blurb from marketing folks, they are much more polished than I am, it’s what they do Smile )


The premier event for Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners is just around the corner. Extreme 2011 Las Vegas will be held from October 2nd though October 5th.

Extreme CRM conference is a 100% partner focused event dedicated to advancing best practices and strategies for successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner organizations. The goal of extreme is to make a partner driven event that creates a unique opportunity for all CRM partners to really go deep on improving their business and to make important personal connections that will help them in their businesses going forward. Partners have much to learn from each other as well as from Microsoft and extreme offers the perfect venue for that. There are four tracks at extreme: Business Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Developer and Implementers.
I will be speaking at extreme this year and hope to see you there. My session will be xRM: are you missing opportunities you don’t know are there?.

Some highlights from last year’s extreme 2010 event:

· Over 300 attendees from 165 partner organizations.

· Representation from 14 different countries.

· 97% indicated they would be coming back in 2011.

To find out more about extreme and to register visit their website. Also don’t forget to follow extreme CRM on twitter (@extremeCRM) to keep up with the latest announcements.

Looking forward to learning and networking with my fellow Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals!

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Andriy Butenko

I have visited Extreme 2011 in Prague this April and all I call tell - WOW! You should participate this event.

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