My advice for you when asking for something from me

I am often asked to help promote stuff (products, blogs, people, companies, etc.).  I am happy to do this, when deserved.  I put myself out there, I want to be seen as a reliable source of information.  And I really do love to watch the success of others.

When it is something/someone that I didn’t stumble upon on my own, I will do my due diligence and check out what/who it is before I agree.  I value my reputation and want to make sure my opinion holds weight when I choose to share it.   I received a request yesterday that sparked this blog post.  It is (hopefully) valuable information for whomever is promoting something, not just people asking me to evaluate and promote their stuff.

  1. Know who I am before you ask for my help.  Yesterday’s request looked CRMy and it was.  But, when investigated this person’s website was not favorable to my favorite CRM product, Dynamics CRM.  I really am all for competition, it makes us all better.  BUT, do you really think that’s the way to switch my alliance, tricking me?
  2. Use correct grammar.  Know the differences between your and you’re, its and it’s, too, two and two and also the ever popular there, their and they’re.  It’s pretty simple.  Read what you write and make sure it makes sense before you hit send.
  3. Use a good CRM.  Seriously, sending me some semi-automated something or other with glaring errors won’t impress me or others.  Simple is better than wrong.
  4. Promote what’s important to me too.  You’re a member of a user group (not just mine), I give you more credibility, you are trying to make yourself a better version, I respect that.
  5. Gracefully accept rejection.  I will always start polite in my reply.  I promise.  Just because you don’t like to be told “no” doesn’t make me rude, it makes me picky.  If you want details of why, go ahead and ask, but be prepared for an honest reply.  Again, I won’t be rude, but I won’t try to make a skunk smell like a rose.
  6. Be aware of your search results.  Yup, before I even click on your links, I will Bing you, Yahoo you and maybe Google you.  Know what I will see and that it will impact my opinion of you and your business.

Go ahead and ask.  I can promote many things to many people and am happy to do so. 

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