I failed the CRM2011 Applications exam today

First, I think public failure is just as motivating (if not more) as public success.  Second, this is the real world, things like this happen.

When I speak with people about the exams, I do it with mixed feelings.  I think we, as a society, need that checkbox, that TEST to prove we know something to someone.  It is unfortunate, but it exists.  When hiring someone I like some certifications, it means you understand this concept.  But, I prefer experience.  Are you out there DOING it, not just a professional test taker?

Why did I fail THIS exam?  Could I have studied more?  What was missing?

Sure, I could have studied more, we can always study MORE.  Don’t know if that was it.

I am confident in saying I am an expert in Dynamics CRM (2011 and before).  I use it daily.  I help paying customers with it literally everyday.  I know how to use it, I know how to find what I need if it’s unfamiliar territory.  I teach this stuff.  I speak at conferences.  I walk the walk.

I think the real problem is this is by far the hardest of the CRM certification exams.  No one in the wild really uses all those moving parts of CRM in one place, like ever.  It’s not a real world exam.  The questions are certainly of value on their own, and in groups, but not as a whole so much.  Microsoft used to sell CRM as modules, why not test as modules?  Easy split of exam into two (sales/marketing automation and service mgt/scheduling).

When you pass the exam by one question, you get the same certification as the person with a perfect score, no gold stars for anyone.  When you fail by one question, you still fail (that’s what I did, one question, maybe two depending on the exact formula).

Will I take it again?  Probably.  Will I pass it?  Dunno, I hope.

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Sven Vanoirbeek

Isn't that the same with every certification exam? I also like to take these certifications exams..but aren't these kinds of certification just to see if you can remember things well? How much input can you cram in your head :-)

Anyway best of luck next time Julie

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