Smug Photos – Windows Phone 7

We’ve been busy working on a few Windows Phone applications and one of them hit the marketplace recently.  Smug Photos is a photo viewing application for Smugmug a popular photo sharing site.  We are excited to get this first version released and are looking forward to making some cool updates to it in the future.

Take your SmugMug photos with you on the go to show off to your friends and family.  Smug Photos provides a quick and easy way to connect to your SmugMug account and download a copy for quick viewing when on the go.  You are also one click away from viewing the current SmugMug community popular photos and One Week Here’s photos from around the world.


  • Supports downloading albums to local storage for quick viewing
  • Slideshow viewing of albums
  • Multi-touch viewing of image

Install from the Windows Phone Marketplace here.

View your photos, Community Photos, or One Week Here pictures from around the world
Albums are organized into categories.  Images on the tile show which categories have downloaded albums for quick offline viewing

Albums can be easily found by Name and again presence of a thumbnail show the ones that are available when offline
View the thumbnails for the photos in an album and quickly mark it for offline viewing by downloading it to your phone.

Drill down to a detail view either in portrait or landscape and best of all one click from here start a slide show of all the photos in the album.
A quick pinch of the fingers and you kick in multi-touch mode which allows you to explore the photo using gestures.

Convergence 2011 Atlanta? DayONE goodness

So you know about Convergence in Atlanta, but do you know about DayONE?

DayONE is organized by my friends at CRMUG (and the other like minded technology groups there) but it is part of the conference too.  It’s the Sunday before the start of the big shin-dig (used to be called community day, partner day, etc.).  Oh, and it’s free.

I was very excited (and honored) to be asked to help with the sessions targeted to our CRM Developers and happily jumped at the chance.  We’ve got 4 developer focused sessions to choose from.

  • The Developer UnConference
  • The Developer’s Guide to Reporting in CRM 2011
  • Extending Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Live Portal Accelerator Deployment

I will be writing follow-up posts breaking down each session, their content, their speakers, etc. 

Click the link below and in the session dropdown, pick “User Group Breakout” to see the sessions.