No, I do not provide childcare at my technology events...–my editorial at SQLServerCentral
Colorado Springs GiveCamp

PDC10 Live- in Denver and free

Yes, it is a copy and paste.  Why spend time re-writing something just to say the same thing.  PDC is sold out, so the next best thing is watching it live from a location near you.  You get the community benefit and the PDC content.  Sure you can watch from your couch with your fuzzy slippers, but this is still kinda cool.  Read on, links as you scroll.


Live Broadcast & In-Person Session

PDC10 is now sold out, but you can still join in on the excitement via the live stream and in-person delivered sessions. Attend this event on October 28, 2010; this year’s content will focus on the next generation of Cloud Services, client & devices, and framework & tools. You can get the highlights of PDC without heading to Redmond.

This year’s groundbreaking event will include live streaming of the keynotes, as well as concurrent live streaming of sessions. All content will be available on demand within 24 hours of recording. Be a part of it by attending a local area event or by watching online.

Microsoft PDC10:

Join the PDC mailing list for the latest news on upcoming PDC events and special discount offers:

Space is limited, register soon! For agenda & session detail, please visit the local event registration page.


PDC10 Live


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