XRM Virtual User Group - Newsletter Summer 2010
Pay-What-You-Can Training, I am constantly amazed by this community

I started working out today, even sweated a little

So many friends that go way back will be astonished to read that, Julie actually sweating?!!  GASP.  Any most that know me know that I am not overweight, not even close.  I just calculated my BMI and I am smack dab in the middle of normal at 22.7 (normal goes from 18.5-24.9).

I know I am very lucky.  I pretty much eat what I want when I want.  I sit all day at a desk.  And my doctor is pretty happy with me after she does my annual labs. 

So why workout?  And why announce it?  To be held publicly accountable of course.

I had pictures done last week (needed head shots for book cover) and I actually paid for a digital tummy tuck on two of my pictures.  That was a bit of a wake-up call.

My daughter had been begging for a membership to the Y, so we did that on Sunday.  The whole family joined.

So my plan…

  • No soda (I am drinking an occasional cup of coffee, lots of water and orange juice in the morning, grape juice (1 glass of wine) in the evening)
  • Continue with the fresh fruits and veggies.  I love them anyway, just need to keep up and maybe eat more of them.
  • I started walking, a fast walk, today.  I walked about 2.5 miles.  Running won’t work since the whole compound fracture/metal ankle debacle a few years ago.  I will increase this on a regular basis.  I have a playlist on my zune, I walk ‘til it’s run its course.  I will just add songs to the list regularly to increase this one.
  • After my walk I go into the equipment room and workout.  I am starting a zone at a time, trying to be realistic.  I have started and stopped this before, so maybe taking baby steps will be better.  So, walking then abs.  Then walking, abs and arms.  Then walking, abs, arms, legs.

So hopefully I will stop feeling as many of these aches and pains I’ve been blaming on aging.  If I drop a few pounds or a size or two, that’s ok too.


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