XNA Game Dev for Windows Phone 7?

I know this resembles a commercial, but hear me out…

Windows Phones, everyone’s talking about them.  In my office we’ve been throwing around cool app ideas, trying to out-do each other. (just wait, nifty and even some practical ideas coming out of our office)  It’s new, it’s cool.  Right?

Add a game to it, toss in some XNA…it’s really cool.

So, AT&T brings this developer webcast, it’s Thursday, July 15, 10-11 AM Pacific Time.  Click thru below to register.

Any bets on if my 17 year-old will get up that early on summer vacation to attend?

Marketing blurb from the AT&T site…

“This webcast is designed to provide a developer overview of how to build games for Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4. Learn about the developer tools, the XNA Framework, and the resources available to build interactive, compelling, games with Windows Phone 7.”

Folks that attend (actually attend, not just register) might win a Smartphone.


AT&T Developer Program | XNA Game Development for Windows Phone 7

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