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May 07, 2010


Donna Edwards

Hi Julie, thanks for the post and I agree, gender shouldn't be considered a handicap.

There are a few good points in the article so I appreciate you providing the link. The one thing that men have gotten really good at over the decades is promoting or nominating other men into "co-worker" / “co-board” positions.

When it comes down to it, for a variety of reasons, men are more comfortable working with men in these types of roles and I think that is a significant factor in why we haven’t seen more competent, hard-working, and qualified females move into these types of positions.

There are a couple of quotes from the article that I think support the above position, provide some good insight, and in some cases, are at the root of the issue:

“Men just don't see what professional or personal advantage they gain by relinquishing board or management positions of power to women, so they don't,"……….

“….The very threat of gender quotas is bound to help get things moving. "There's a massive fear in business that governments will legislate the problem if companies don't sort out the issue on their own, and that's inspiring the beginning of change in some countries…."

All of your points are good and valid; the female gender needs to keep pressing forward on all the fronts you mentioned.

One important element that I hope women will focus on moving forward and that I think fits in with the great list you provided is a lesson we can learn from our male counterparts. I believe men do a significantly better job of supporting each other in achieving positions in business than females.

I encourage women in business to learn, become skilled at, and practice this behavior as frequently as possible.

Yes, it is ok and good to hire women, recommend your female co-workers and peers for Director and Board positions and do everything you can to support the intelligent and hard working women around you.

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