xRM Newsletter May 2010
My corrections to a rather wonky CRM comparison I found

Crash Course on Intellectual Property…what a GREAT session (recording)

xRMVirtual had our regularly scheduled meeting yesterday, but as it turned out, it was far from regular.  My friend Jonathan Zuck from The Association of Competitive Technology (www.actonline.org) agreed to give us a crash course in intellectual property.  It was about as non-technical as a user group meeting could be, but probably one of our most valuable lessons.  I learned a ton and will be referring back to the content myself.

It started with technical difficulties, my microphone (and the backup one too) wouldn’t work, even though I was fine at the sound check one hour before.  So Jonathan even did the intro slides for me :), what a hero.

So my thought process behind asking for this presentation to our DEVELOPERS was that we are giving our members the tools to go out an create intellectual property, so we also need to give them the tools to protect and respect intellectual property, no?  Many of our group members are new to this whole concept.

Jonathan did a great job explaining the different protections like patents, trademarks and copyrights.  He fielded great questions from the attendees.  And I would recommend any type of developer, any small business owner in the technology space, project managers, all need to view this recording, it lasts right at one hour.  The content is not specific to the US, Jonathan is an expert internationally as well, so that was covered here too.  Send the link to your co-workers, project managers, bosses, friends, etc.

Live mtg recording here


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