Happy Birthday to @xrmvirtual

One year ago today we opened the floodgates and started this journey.  What a year it’s been!  Yes, it is time to brag, this group has been awesome and we should all be proud.

We now have 1101 members and are still growing, practically daily we have new signups.  We’ve had 21 meetings with an average attendance/views of 142 per meeting.  Since we are global, not all our members can participate in the live presentations, so those recording views are really important.

We’ve helped get several on-ground xRM groups get started, I even got to visit and attend xRMVirtual/COZA for their inaugural meeting in January.  Both of our group founders have been named as Dynamics CRM MVPs since we started (way to go Shan!).  We’ve been invited to present at Convergence about our community (we said yes of course,see you there).

We’ve had a couple hiccups.  Some technical challenges with our live meetings and sound issues with firewalls.  A couple of last minute cancellations of meetings.  But even with that, our members are loyal and stuck around for better than 20 minutes when our speaker had no audio just a few days ago (that meeting’s been rescheduled, keep reading), 90 of them actually.

With Dynamics CRM5 coming out (hopefully) in calendar year 2010 we should be able to have some pretty good content and sessions for a long time to come.

I updated the site for the new meetings that I just put on the calendar.  I’m not putting direct links to them here, just click the home page below, explore the site a little, see what’s been going on.  You will find the events and registration on the events page.

All meetings are at 9am Pacific and all meetings are recorded and posted.

March 18, Anne Stanton, Customize Without Code

April 6, Caleb Skinner, More with Advanced Plugins

April 29, McKenzie Stern, Manage your business with out of the box Dynamics CRM


XRM Virtual User Group - Home

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