MBA day last

Wow, time sure flies.  Tonight is my last class for my MBA and while I won’t have the whole cap and gown shebang until June, I will officially graduate after this class tonight.  I will have some free time now.  Well, probably not, what does one do with free time anyway?

Why did I get my MBA?  I have a great job that I love.  I did it for me.  I wanted some validation for what I already do and know and also wanted to round out my business skills.  To those toxic people that called me stupid or laughed at my ambitions I say “How do you like me now?”  It feels great proving you wrong.

Tonight we’ll celebrate.  There will be a big party for the graduation and my big 40th coming up later this year.  I’m excited about the cap and gown shindig, I’m speaking there.  What an exciting opportunity!

The next graduation is my Drew, Pine Creek High School class of 2011.

Now back to work to pay off the student loans!

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