10 ways to convince your boss to give you a comp day to attend the Trifecta

Not every boss can be as accommodating as I am, so I made a list of ideas that you can use to convince your boss that you deserve paid time to attend our little event.  Use them however you wish, tweak them to better apply to your job, and let me know which ones worked!


  1. It’s training from industry experts and rock stars that would normally cost thousands of dollars and it’s FREE.
  2. I can come back to work and share what I’ve learned with the team.
  3. The networking time with like-minded professionals will be invaluable.
  4. Free food.
  5. I won’t ask again until Trifecta v3 in 2011.
  6. Maybe I can present next year?
  7. I’ll wash your dog.
  8. I just really want to go and will pout and mope around the office if you say no.
  9. I can mingle with inspiring industry rock stars, my idols!
  10. Did you see last year’s DBA vs Developer Showdown???

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Thanks, I'm going to use this!

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