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November 20, 2009


Jen Young

I hear you girl..and you would have been sorely missed sucks that most of these people making the deiciosn for us WOMEN are MEN!!!

(No men...but you get the gist!)


-Jean Piaget believes that play is a process of assimilation has two characteristics:
-Assimilation of impressions and reactions during the game
The conclusion of the article "logic, genetics and sociology is that social life is a necessary condition of the individual development in its very nature, making it the state to pass state personalitate.El autistic sees cooperation as a general process of reason although individual differences are related with biological heredity in the sense that he could never raise the intelligence level of an individual, medium or even an important function assign debil.Piaget coordination and social adjustments saying that human intelligence is developed according to individual social interactions in general too neglected.
Piagetiana perspective can be characterized by three dominant traits:
-Biological dimension;
Subject-environmental factors-interactionism;
Psycho-genetic-constructivism.jocuri miniclip
Piaget classifies its genetic epistemology as "naturalistic without being positivist" and cognitive behaviors considered as a product of a body endowed with a structure that is manifested by their power of assimilation and accommodation.
Constructivism believes secvetele psycho-genetic development as regulated by some endogenous origin Balancing Mechanism, but not predetermined by hereditary factors in terms of content or complete balancing structures.
Genetic theory shed light on one factor which certain conceptions about learning not been granted any attention, that of self-regulating mechanisms or balancing.
Reproach brought fundamental concept and psycho-genetic system of Piaget's stage, beyond the variety of formulation seems to be this: too much trust in human nature against a visible indifferent toward "education power".
Russian psychologists have blamed some cantonare in Piaget's biological determinism, genetic and epi-genetic, which would not be allowed to see the great malleability and nondeterminismul fuindamental of psycho-genesis.jocuri h2o

machine a sous

My concern was verifying I stayed around for my youngsters to raise them, to check out them as adults wind up being people themselves you know each and every trace of the stuff we’re supposed to do.

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