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CRM vs xRM- demo now available

Well, the demo is available if you are a CRMy partner.  There are some new tools for CRMy demos and now for xRM and it gives you the ability to run CRM and xRM side by side to illustrate the differences.  You can manage Facilities, Employees or Vendors with these new examples.  And a shiny new VPC for xRM content too.

Not a partner?  Want to take a peek?  Establish a relationship with one, there are loads of us out there just wanting to spread the xRM message.

I am putting the links here as you will not get access without partner source credentials.  These are not confidential, just for those with the proper credentials.

Employee Management Script.docx


Facility Management Script.docx


Vendor Management Script.docx


XRM Scenario Flow Document.docx


XRM VPC.part01.exe


XRM VPC.part02.rar


XRM VPC.part03.rar


XRM VPC.part04.rar


XRM VPC.part05.rar



Anne Stanton

I wonder if Microsoft will create another category: In addition to Partners, Customers, ISVs, maybe they will create a place for Enterprise IS/XRM Departments creating and distributing multiple xrm projects to different internal departments. I am getting scar tissue on my forehead from breaking ground positions :)

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