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A Sneak Preview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0

My friends over at MSDynamicsWorld have put out a list of new features for “CRM5”.  Here’s a teaser, visit their site for the whole article.  It will require a login, but hey it’s free and full of info, so suck it up and register :).


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0 will emphasize social networking, a new Windows-like interface, and new capabilities for charts and drilling down, and improved customer service capabilities.

That was the word from a preview presented at the CRM User Group Summit by Reuben Krippner, product manager for Microsoft Dynamics, who told the excited audience he would only provide information on the web client. From there, he dove into social networking.

"One of the powerful features of social networks is that people feel uninhibited in their commentary," he said, adding that CRM 5.0 will give users the ability to link updates to Twitter, therefore publicizing company news and opening up opportunities for immediate customer feedback.

From a structural standpoint, Krippner explained the new version will look like Windows, providing users with an interface they are comfortable with. He also said it will have "lots of charts" and the ability to drill into charts for detailed data.


(the rest below)

A Sneak Preview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0: More Social Networking, Charts, Customer Service Capabilities |


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