xRMVirtual is looking for member number 1,000

So not too long ago we crowned our 500th member, Jerry Weinstock, picture below.  Jerry was gifted some CRM swag, a CRMUG membership a eBook of Silverlight 3 Jumpstart  and all the glory that goes with being our 500th member.

Now we need member #1,000.  Will it be you?  You too, could have fame and glory like Jerry.  Your picture online for the masses to see (or at least those that read my little blog).

Details below, make sure you put my name in the “how’d you hear about us?” box.  Oh, and we’re giving away a pass to PDC too as part of our drive, that’s cool too.



XRM Virtual User Group - xRMVirtual Membership Drive is on!

Loads (and loads) of free techie events coming your way

I will try to keep my details here brief, click thru for more details if something catches your eye.  Did I say all these events are free??  Did I not get your event?  Drop me a line, I’ll get it next go ‘round.

-Utah Code Camp- September 19.  www.utcodecamp.com

-Iowa Code Camp- November 7.  http://iowacodecamp.com/

-Webcast from the Architect Council, day 1 Role of the Architect in Turbulent Times - August 24- info and register here

-Webcast from the Architect Council, day 2- A Closer Look at an Internet Service Bus – August 25-info and register here

-TechNet Presents Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (many dates/times, will list the others at the end)- Colorado Springs September 1- info and register  Denver September 2 info and register

-Firestarter Silverlight- live event, in person and online- September 17 info and register

-Firestarter Windows Server- live event, in person and online- September 18 info and register

Other cities for TechNet Presents series, email me if you want registration info.

ABQ September 10

Irvine September 9

Salt Lake September 16

LA September 10

San Diego September 11

Portland September 2

San Francisco September 9

XRM Virtual User Group - xRMVirtual Membership Drive is on!

We’ve got free software and swag.  We’ve got a pass to PDC to give away.  We want to build our reach.

You can help.  Each new member you refer (and if you become a new member) will get your name in the drawings for prizes.  The more new members you refer, the more times your name is dropped in the hat for the PDC pass drawing.

On a personal side note, Shan (my fellow group leader and co-founder) and I are not eligible to win any of the prizes, so we kinda have a side bet going, bragging rights only.  But I want more new members referred by me than by him.  Sooooo, if you’re into xRM, check us out, sign up and put my name in the box :-).

XRM Virtual User Group - xRMVirtual Membership Drive is on!

Obama's Colorado healthcare town hall and me :-)

Yes, I got picked and got to ask my question!  Me!  I got to have a conversation(ish) with the leader of the free world.  Like him or not, that’s still pretty cool.

The link below is the full text from today, either search for Julie or scroll down past the first 2/3 or so to fine the exact Q/A exchange.

So, I asked about the impact of new taxes on small business owners, the ones that are on the cusp between textbook definitions of “middle class” and the “rich”.  New taxes to pay for healthcare “reform”.

I am not pleased with his answer, but am also not displeased either.  The net is that there is no single right or wrong answer.  I don’t think he was entirely prepared for my question, but I give him credit for not giving me a total fluff answer.

His primary points were (from my perspective) capping the deductions for the “rich” at 28%, the same amount the “average” American actually claims.  And second, that I will likely get a tax break for my business as a result of this plan.

Ok, so the problem with item #1 is not in the capping of the deductions, it’s with the omission that the same concept will not carry over to percent of income that is taxed.  So, not only will the deductions be capped, but the taxes increased.  Not fair.

Then tax breaks for my business, because yes, we give pretty decent benefits, better than just about any other company our size, better than some bigger ones too.  It’s the right thing to do, so we do it.  So, you give my business a tax credit/benefit because for doing what I already do.  Great.  BUT, when my business is more lucrative that comes down to my personal taxes.  Which have now had deductions capped and tax rates raised.  I guess it is a pretty good way to get more money and still LOOK good on the surface.

Several people stopped me to talk more about my question and the Prez’s answer.  Was told that my question was the best one asked by several as well.  Glad we went and I had a chance to ask my question and get an answer.

Pictures and a (rough) video on my Facebook in a couple of minutes.

(ETA, there was in no way any screening of the questions, no on made suggestions to the crowd, no outside influnce over our questions at any level)

Full text of Obama's Colorado healthcare town hall | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times