Court says strip search of Arizona teenager illegal

Well, duh people.

Did this REALLY need to go to the Supreme Court?  The vote was a strong 8-1, with Clarence Thomas the only dissenter. 

From the article linked below:

“Thomas warned that the majority's decision could backfire. "Redding would not have been the first person to conceal pills in her undergarments," he said. "Nor will she be the last after today's decision, which announces the safest place to secrete contraband in school."

Seriously Justice Thomas?  Really, a non-violent “good kid” should expect to have her underwear searched at school, by non-police personnel just so some other non-violent suspect can be searched there as well?  There was no imminent danger from this ibuprofen, EVEN IF THEY FOUND SOME.  Which, they did not.  If it is THAT important, call the cops, let them do their job and then you go back to yours and teach our children.

I am torn on the other part of the Court’s decision, that the school personnel that did the actual search should have immunity.  Yes, they were following the instructions of their superior, so not doing it would have risked their jobs.  HOWEVER, if the same boss came up to them to perform any other illegal task, would they stand up and tell him no?  Just because you have a boss, does not give you the right to lose all common sense and participate in what is essentially the sexual assault of a 13 year old child in the name of following orders.  Grow a pair already, k?

Court says strip search of Ariz. teenager illegal - Yahoo! News

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