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The evolution of Mother’s Day

Year one- No one in the world could be as tired as I am right now.  For mother’s day I just want a day off, without feeling guilty for having the occasional day that even the thought of being a mom makes me tired and sometimes even cry.  Yes, I love my children, but I really (really) need some time just for me.

Year two-  Ok, a little less tired, but man oh man are toddlers tough.  Why do they have to walk, talk and think on their own!  For mother’s day I got a drawing made last night at the last minute, but look, there’s a big red heart in the middle of it, awwww.

Year three- wow, there’s another one of you and I am now out-numbered and tired again.  So very tired.

Year four- awww, the pre-school teacher helped you make me a present AND taught you a poem (you recited it in Dutch, “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all, my mother”).


Ok, you’re in school now and I am working again, back to the no one in the world is as tired as I am.  You bring home drawings, cards, flowers from school.  Most of mother’s day is still spent being mom, not taking time for me.


Wow, both of you are in school now and you try so hard to make me feel special on my day.  And you do.  You bring home the same cards and flowers from school and have now graduated to bringing me breakfast in bed.  We go from cold cereal (cause you’re not allowed to use the stove) to cold food (it WAS hot, but you were so excited that you got up EARLY and cooked it 2 hours ahead of time to make sure that you got it done and ready for me) to hot food with a comical twist (you made me pancakes, but put the mix back in the pantry cause that’s where it came from, we found it a few weeks later, based on the smell).

Now, teenagers.  Last year we went to the zoo and fed the giraffes.  You bought the giraffe crackers and posed for all the goofy pictures I wanted. Then we wound up in the ER and came home with a leg in a cast.

This year….you are good cooks and thoughtful.  You regularly just roll your eyes when I want an afternoon cat nap (well, cat and dog nap).



I get breakfast in bed still, but now it’s warm chocolate chip muffins that YOU made, hot coffee, fresh squeezed OJ.  I wake up later, no rush to get me up before the food gets cold.  I get cards the you picked out, from each of you, from the cat, from each dog.  Presents that mean something (flowers cause you know I love fresh cut flowers, goofy character cookies and a new trivia game for the Wii).  you’re doing the laundry without complaining.  You cleaned up after breakfast without being told.  And it’s just a relax, no worry kind of day.


So, perfect.  They are all perfect.  You can’t appreciate the now without having had the others, they all make me smile.


Just don’t start bickering until tomorrow, k?


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