NEW XRM Virtual User Group

We all know I have a thing with helping our professional community.  We also all know I am easily bored and easily distracted by shiny things.  Add those together and some pretty cool things can happen.

XRM Virtual User Group is un-officially open for business.

A while back, several months ago, I had been receiving emails from our book readers (thecrmbook) with questions about how to use XRM.  I loved the fact that the book gave them loads of info, but they all seemed to be wanting more.  Not that the book was missing anything, but more that the book inspired more of them.

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to Shan McArthur again.  He is my new hero.  He was preparing his sessions for Convergence this week and had this cool tool.  The tool looked good and knowing I was brewing this group in my head for a while, I mentioned it to him, more as an opportunity for him to join than anything else.  He came back with a sweet offer.  Let me build this site for you, using our cool XRM solution AND demo it at Convergence in front of your target audience.  How could I say no??  I would have been crazy.  His team has plugged away and made us a great site, using the very technology we are preaching about.


Thanks go out to Ben Riga for pushing this through and getting us our CRM Online credentials so quickly.  And thanks to my husband David Yack for his book that got this inspiration off the ground and his work helping us get off the ground (and putting up with manic wife for a couple weeks).


(We will be an official INETA group very soon)

Press Release here

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