Free event in Denver- Mapping/Geospatial Solutions

Got an email from my friend Steve Milroy telling me about an event he is involved in coming up in Denver on the afternoon of April 21 at the Denver Microsoft office.

Steve is a really smart guy (really smart) and is big into geospatial technology (fancy word for maps, see, smart guy, big words).  He is presenting an afternoon full of cool stuff, there's the registration link below.


Quick sample of the agenda....

Overview of Location Enabled & Geospatial Solutions

· Power of Location

· Geospatial Trends and Standards (OGC etc)

· Microsoft Geospatial Platform (Products and Capabilities)

· Scenarios & Demonstrations

· Commercial

· Government

Visualization Capabilities

· Overview of Geospatial Visualization

· Virtual Earth

· Overview

· Imagery Features

· VE 3D

· Virtual Earth Server

· Virtual Earth APIs

· Related Microsoft Tools

· Demonstrations

Mapping/Geospatial Solutions with the Microsoft Platform

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