2nd Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week Announced!
Standardized testing in our schools- CSAPs

Now on MSDN-XRM as a Rapid Development Platform

Now especially with Convergence coming up, XRM is really taking off.  We've been XRM-ing around here for close to 2 years now (wow, really, TWO YEARS).  And if I think about it, we've been XRM-ing longer than people have been thinking XRM even existed.  We integrated CRM 3.0 with a cool internal app for commercial real estate eons ago, had maps in CRM 3.0 before Balmer showed that one off, then someone coined "XRM" and a movement was born.


All of that to get to this, a chapter from our XRM book is on MSDN for download.  (thanks Jim Glass).  Go have a read, it's a great chapter on Developer and Team workspace.  There's a link to buy the book from Amazon, it will also be at the Convergence bookstore.


Happy reading.


XRM as a Rapid Development Platform


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