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High school basketball games, I think I grew up in the movie Hoosiers

So, I grew up in Indiana.  Was not BIG city, was not SMALL town, was semi-typical suburbia.  Our high school was pretty big, even by today's standards, big.  And yes, we loved basketball.  I got my own hoop in the driveway for my 35th birthday and next to some shiny things from Dave, it's probably one of the best gifts I've gotten.  I assembled and installed it personally.


We had the gym full on game nights.  We had busses and caravans for big games, playoffs, etc.  We had TALL players (2 guys over 7ft tall) we had kick ass three point shooters (one of the best in the state, if not best, he made all American in high school), we had a typical Indiana high school team.


But when I watch the movie Hoosiers (yes, I own it, get over it) I did not see my high school experience in it.  Until tonight.


I went to my first high school basketball game tonight at our high school in Colorado Springs.  I would be generous to say that the gym was 30% full.  The crowd was quiet ('cept that ONE really loud mom that doesn't really know what she's yelling about).  So quiet in fact that during a time out we could not only hear, but could clearly understand the coach's talks (yells?)with the team.  There was no roaring crowd.


Suddenly I realized it really is different in Indiana.  I had just assumed it was exaggerated over the years, especially since the movie, but it's not.  I was quite surprised and disappointed.  However, I went to listen to our kids play pep band.  It was their first time ever performing together.  It was great.  Am a proud band mom.


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