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Microsoft CRM 4.0 Book Black Friday SALE!

I just put in place our own Black Friday sale. 

Click below to go the (X)CRM as a Rapid Development Platform, use the discount code Black Friday and get the book for $50 (plus shipping)!  That's about HALF PRICE.


Why are you still here?  Go buy the book.  If you have the book, send this to your friends and co-workers to get the discount!


Discounts are limited in number and in time.  Go forth and shop!


Microsoft CRM 4.0 Book

Technology to get or keep members of your professional groups?

This evening I am presenting to the membership chairs of BPW/USA organizations.  Not sure how many will be able to make the call/webinar, but the potential is huge.  No worries there, the more the merrier and maybe we can learn from each other.


Now, my topic is the use of technology in recruiting and retaining members.


Many of you that read this blog think, well, duh.  But, think about it?  Are you really using technology to do this?  What, besides the occasional email and a website, do you do here?


So, you read blogs obviously.  But do you write one?  Is it relevant to the groups you belong to?  Why?  Why not?  Do you promote those groups in your blog (much like I am doing right now :) ).  Is your blog a source of information?  Entertainment?  A hybrid?


Does your group have a twitter?  A facebook?  Are you linkedin?


Are you easy to find for your target members?


Tell me what you do?  Tell me what not to spend time on, things you've tried and failed miserably at doing?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week

So, how cool is this......


Spend a week working on your next "shiny" idea.  But not just that.  You will be given training.  You will be given an industry expert to mentor you along the way.  You will be given expert evaluation and feedback.  Did you catch that key word?  GIVEN.  Yup, free program.


Seriously.  The biggest catch is you have to cover your own travel expenses to Virginia.


The real benefit is this great program to teach you how to build on the cool (X)CRM platform.  It really is a cool way to think outside the box and integrate solutions for your internal projects or show off to clients how smart you are. 


This goes down the week of December 15 and is hosted by Sanjay Jain, his blog post is below and he has much more details as well as how to sign up. 


Quick, GO READ IT and see if you and your team can make a go of it.  Then, come back and tell me how it went?

Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelism : Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week

Our book readers are awesome!

I have been meeting some great people that have been buying our CRM Book.  We have some follow-up emails going out giving some suggestions and many of you have been replying to me sharing some great successes.  How awesome is that??!!  Keep sending them, I love sharing them with the team and having another chance to thank them all.


So Eric in Australia and I have been emailing a bit and he is very eager to dive deep into CRM and have at it.  However, he is a team of one and needed someone to bounce ideas off of, pace each other with their progress, mentor each other, etc.  We have sold several other books in Australia and I sent out an email to all the others in the same province as Eric and asked for a pacing partner that was closer to him than we are here in Colorado.


Less than an hour later one of you, Garry, replied and was happy to do it.  I've never met Eric.  I've never met Garry.  How cool are they to work together and challenge each other??

oh my goodness the BEST error message EVER

I clicked a link to look at a blog and got this message.... I think I'm in love.....


Page Not Found

I'm sorry, you've reached a page that I cannot find. I'm really sorry about this. It's kind of embarassing. Here you are, the user, trying to get to a page on LiveJournal and I can't even serve it to you. What does that say about me? I'm just a webserver. My sole purpose in life is to serve you webpages and I can't even do that! I suck. Please don't be mad, I'll try harder. I promise! Who am I kidding? You're probably all like, "Man, LiveJournal's webserver sucks. It can't even get me where I want to go." I'm really sorry. Maybe it's my that's bout my hard drives? Maybe. Where's my admin? I can't run self-diagnostics on myself. It's so boring in this datacenter. It's the same thing everyday. Oh man, I'm so lonely. I'm really sorry about rambling about myself, I'm selfish. I think I'm going to go cut my ethernet cables. I hope you get to the page you're looking for...goodbye cruel world!

Saturday with Gloria Steinem

You may know Gloria Steinem as a revolutionary feminist or a Playboy bunny (undercover) or someone whose views line up with yours or are from from yours.


I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday and introducing her to my daughter.  I consider her one of my personal heroes, so it was beyond awesome to meet her.  We had a chance to chat prior to the main event below.


She spoke to a group of us, I think the count was around a couple hundred.  She entertained questions/conversations from the audience.


She is very firm in her beliefs.  But I also found out, she is very firm in YOUR beliefs.  It doesn't matter to her if you agree with her and support the same causes, support your own causes.  Know who you are.


I told Gloria that when I first told my daughter we were going to hear her speak and meet her that my daughter had no idea who she was.  Gloria's response was "as long as she knows who she is".



Not posed.  Gloria had just told my daughter to get in the picture and said in 20 years people would be asking who was in that picture with Jackie  (first, we were both flattered that she remembered Jackie's name  and second flattered by her assumption that people with know Jack in 20 years and that by then she (Gloria) would be unknown)