Silverlight 2 RC0 Released for Developers

You mean it wasn't already "released"?  Nope.  Even though we've all been using it up the wazoo, it had not actually been released.  There was some interesting agreements in play that made it available to us while dev was still working on it.


So, link below is to my friend Tim Heuer's blog.  He is on the Silverlight team at MS and always writes his blog in an easy to follow way.  He's the go-to man with questions.



Silverlight 2 RC0 Released for Developers

Help Pass the PROTECT Our Children Act

Ok, another political post?  Nope.  Not political at all.  doesn't matter what side of the aisle you may side with, this is about our kids.


This bill allocates funds to help our nation's children and we need to tell our Senators to get with the program and pass this thing!

Two links to Oprah's site (hush) where she explains the bill as well as offers a sample letter/script to send to YOUR senator.


Other link is to the Senate to find your senator to contact and insist they support this measure.


Does it get any more important than this?



Help Pass the PROTECT Our Children Act


Find your Senator

Come on Colorado Springs MSDN Events Unleashed, Free Training Event!

So, I have been blogging about this great training opportunity.  Some have been registering, but not nearly enough.  Not sure I am allowed to share any numbers, but let's just say of all the events COS is lagging.


It's a free afternoon of training from one of the best in the business.  On some of the coolest newest developer tools around.


So, tell me....what are YOU waiting for?



MSDN Events Unleashed: Demystifying WPF, Silverlight 2 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Educate your vote with Pikes Peak Business and Professional Women

I don't care of you're Democrat, Republican or Communist actually.  As long as you can support your decisions.  Can you explain WHY you feel the way you do?  Then I respect that.

With so many different ballot initiatives how can we take the time to do the research ourselves to learn about what they mean?  How will it affect MY life?  My children?  My neighbors?  Never fear, Pikes Peak Buisness and Professional Women will help!  ( )

At our meeting on September 23 we are inviting all, men and women, to join us to learn about what is on our ballots and what does it mean.  In addition to that, we are extending our member price (only $25) to all that register in advance and attend.  We want to help you help yourself.

Follow the link above and on the home page is a register link on the top of the page.  Won't you join us?

Utah Code Camp call for speakers

Just got this from my friends over in Utah.....

Utah Code Camp (Fall 2008)

Call for Speakers (Closes Oct 24th)

Nov 1st 2008

Neumont University

Salt Lake City, UT 

Code Camp is a one day free training for all developers of any technologies to attend and learn from there peers and local speakers.  We are looking for Speakers to present at this event.  All topics are open for discussion and all formats.  The sessions would be 45 Minutes long with a 10-15 minute QA time at the end of the session( total 1 hour).  This will be an all day event we plan to go from 9:00-5:00.  You don't need to be present the whole day but we would love to have you around for questions from users or to see the other great content of the code camp. 

We are looking for 100-150 people to attend the code camp.  We will have 3 tracks running all throughout the day(3 sessions going on at once).  There might be a chance to do your presentation twice depending on demand. 

You must bring your own Laptop for your presentation. There will be a room on site for speaker prep during the day of the Code Camp.

Any code samples you show should be made available for download from Code Camp web site.  (

We are not covering travel or expenses for speakers, but you will receive a great big THANK YOU.  A Cool Polo Shirt also!

If you're interested please submit a session title, abstract, and bio Email to [email protected]
Please put Code Camp Speaker In the subject.

Wow, I'm a bigger nerd than I thought

So, as you know, I am fairly active in user groups.  One of the things I do is to facilitate book giveaways AND reviews of those books.  I always pass these along to the members of my local group or on to the groups in my region that I represent.  I never get a book myself and review it.

Until now.

Cheryl Martinez with Apress always sends out the emails with the new titles seeking reviews.  I always pass them on.  This one I replied for a book that I was interested in, On the Way to the Web, The Secret History of the Internet and its Founders by Michael Banks.  It looked pretty cool to me and I figured what the heck?

So, as I read the forward by Orson Scott Card and am hooked (note to self, find more of his writings).  I am plugging away at the book.  It is not at all a chore, it is really enjoyable, I just don't have a ton of time on my hands.  This is a great book for anyone (hmmmm, high school students perhaps) that needs to know or be reminded of the times way back when.  This goes back even further than by own BBS in the early 90's.  ;-)

Stay posted for more details as I make it thrugh the book.

Book here at Amazon

SUPER DUPER COOL UPDATE You asked for it, you got it! MSDN Events Unleashed

So, the MSDN event in COS just got even cooler.....  in an email today, Rob Bagby told me he has gotten 50 books to give away to the first 50 registered attendees, for this specific event.  (just for a minute, think about Rob taking those thru the airport ;)  ).

But not just any book.... 

Applications = Code + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation  by Charles Petzold.  Besides its $60 retail price tag, it has several reviews on Amazon and has an average of 4 stars (out of 5).  Way to go Rob for getting these for us!

I linked below to my original post about the events in Colorado, and it includes links to register.

Tell your friends!  Register your friends!  (don't forget to tell them you registered them)

The never boring life of Me- Julie Yack's Blog: You asked for it, you got it! MSDN Events Unleashed

- South Colorado .NET User Group Meets Tonight!

We are lucky enough this enough to have brought to us by INETA Caleb Jenkins tonight.

Join us at 5:30pm at Configuresoft

In addition to our INETA sponsorship, we also have Red Gate sponsoring as well.  Red Gate has always been one of our best and most consistent sponsors.  We thank them for all of their support of our group and the .NET community as a whole.

Tonight Caleb will cover

Silverlight with Visual Studio 2008 + Expression Blend

This talk is an end to end overview of Silverlight. Combining the best of web application deployments with traditional Windows development, this best of breed application platform is changing the world of on-line as well as line-of-business applications. We’ll cover the tools, features and abilities of Silverlight as well as walkthrough common scenarios, uses and pitfalls of practical Silverlight development in the field as well as highlighting some of the new and exciting Silverlight 2 features: DeepZoom, Isolated Storage and more!

No need to register- we'll see you there!

- South Colorado .NET User Group