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Book Released! Microsoft CRM 4.0 as a Rapid Development Platform

Wow, is it really out?  We have worked on this book for over a year and are all mentally exhausted, but it is done and it is really a great book.  645 pages.  How rewarding!


Dave (Yack, my husband) is the author, but even if I wasn't his wife I'd still say it was a great book, he's the smartest man I know.  He's been part of author teams on other tech books, even the lead author, but this is the first one he penned solo. 

I edited, designed the look/feel of the book and served as publisher.  What a load of work.  I had no idea.  But, I would do it again in a heartbeat (just wait a couple months to ask, k?).


Anyhow, for you, my blog readers, I have a discount.  Click below and enter one of the discount codes below and get $10 off in addition to any specials or promotions on the site now.


For a hard copy of the book use the code julieblog and for the ebook use juliebolgebook.  Each code is good for the first 20 uses and you can only use one per order.


Once you have it, I would love feedback- good and bad- so the next one will be better than the first.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 as a Rapid Development Platform


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